5 Powerful Life Lessons From Nature

Every minute detail of our natural environment is saturated with the wisdom of God. There are also powerful Life Lessons From Nature that will impregnate us with scripts of hope and bricks of courage. From the lilies, to the great expanse of the seas, from the sand to the breeze, all of creation is endowed with the majesty of our Creator. 

In our most difficult moments, the humming of the birds can lift our spirits, and in our most tumultuous fears, the cool whistle of the wind can calm our overheated souls. 

As we challenge the  terrains of our despairs, let’s not be discouraged, but let us listen to the song of hope that nature sings us. As we hear this music, may we be enlightened with the knowledge that the voice that we hear is God’s.

What The Bible Says About Nature

In the book of Isaiah, we read about the mountains and the hills breaking forth with singing, and the trees clapping (Isaiah 55:12). What do you perceive that the mountains sing about? And why is it that the trees would clap? 

The writer here gives personality to the mountains and the trees in an attempt to show how they portray God in their beauty. This personification also further justifies the  amazing Life Lessons From Nature and tells us of the glory of its Creator.

For you shall go out in joy and be led forth in peace; the mountains and the hills before you shall break forth into singing, and all the trees of the field shall clap their hands.– Isaiah 55:12

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There is no doubt that the Life Lessons From Nature is a deliberate work of God to empower us with the fuel we need to go on. The birds never cultivate the land, yet in their natural habitats they never go hungry. This truth is the same with the cattle, the fish, and the list goes on. 

All this show the importance of the natural environment and why God made it. The marvelous Life Lessons From Nature can greatly add value to our lives and we should seek to learn them.

I believe that God made everything in its season for a specific reason. I also believe that one of the reasons why God made the the natural environment is to demonstrate to us His great love and his great principles. 

Let us take a look at some of the powerful “Life Lessons From Nature,” and let’s discover the value they seek to add to our lives.

5 Powerful Life Lessons From Nature.

1. Birds Teach us the Power of Brokenness.

I often sit in the silence of the shrubs, and listen to the music of the birds. When God made birds, He must have known that they would sing such melodies of hope, that would serenade us and encourage us to go on.  

Birds will not only sing us songs, but birds demonstrate to us the value of brokenness. Perhaps the greatest lesson we can learn from the birds, is their ability to turn broken branches into a beautiful home. We will most often focus on the bird’s ability to sing. If we look further and deeper however, we will also see that birds can teach us perhaps the greatest lesson we can ever learn. 



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