5 Benefits of Laughter, and why we should always have a happy heart

It is good to laugh. In fact, the Bible says that "A cheerful heart is good medicine." That's why we should not only laugh every now and then, but we should carry a perpetual laughter. I speak of laughter as a heart condition rather than a physical expression. There are many who will laugh with their lips, but their hearts are sad or evil, yet true laughter encompasses both mind and body. It is when the lips are laughing because the heart is laughing. In its fullness, laughter is the physical expression of our spiritual joy.

My daughter and I, we always laugh together. I get such a relief when I laugh with her. In those special moments, it's like I forget every other thing around me, and we just laugh with each other. I laugh because she laughs, and I also laugh because my heart is overwhelmingly happy. I can't think of any medicine that will relieve me than these times when I laugh with her.

Maybe what we need more than ever is more time to spend doing the things we love, with the ones we love, and just laugh. For me, I love spending times with my daughter doing stuff, and laughing. We live in a world where we are trained to be busy, yet we must take some time to do the things that give us joy. In our society we are forced to be busy rather than to be happy. Yet it is a very healthy thing to both our physical and our mental health to laugh together for a while.

Laughing in oneness

There is one thing that is sure to unite us, and this is genuine laughter. What a wonderful time we have when we laugh together! It is very freeing to laugh in oneness, where the lips are laughing because the heart is laughing. It is like the sun that sets its glory on us, and heats us with good energy, or as the warm weather that spreads the sheet of comfort on the cold. As we practice true laughter, we will realize that it is the cheapest antidote to our despair. We will also unravel our divine source of power as even the Bible says 'The Joy Of The LORD is My Strength!'

Imagine then a day when there is no laughter! What a sad day this would be! I compare a day without laughter to a day without sunshine, because laughter brightens our hearts as the sun brightens the days. Consider a dark and gloomy day, and compare this to a face that does not laugh or a heart that does not smile. When I am around people with a gloomy face, I often just want to get away.

There are many benefits to laughter. Scientists say that a good laugh will release tension and stress, leaving you with more relaxed muscles. According to scientific research, laughter also boosts the immune system and protects the heart. There are also many benefits that we cannot see, but rather we experience. For example, laughing can help us to refocus our attention on the things that really matter, and to find rest in the most difficult of times. Let us take a look at some of the benefits of laughter, and why it is important to incorporate a little laughter in our lives.

5 Benefits of Laughing, and why we should always have a happy heart

Laughing Produces Peace and Rest

We should be keen to recognize that it is our knowledge that will produce our happiness and inevitable rest. Firstly we should know, and then we can rest. The good thing about laughter and the knowledge that produces it, is that it is available to everyone. We can all find rest on the Truth that God is good, and that He is our Father up in heaven. Imagine the laughter that is produced when we truly believe that God is always with us, and that He is for us and not against us. For the one who mourns, this is comfort and rest. The Bible says it like this;
Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted -Matthew 5:4
Consider that comfort in its fullness produces rest. In our sadness and distraught, let us be reminded that God is able to turn our mourning into laughter, and let us in turn laugh. It is not that we always have things under our control, or that we always get it right, but truth is that God is before all things, and He has total control. Imagine if we should wholeheartedly believe this, and consider the rest this will produce. Let us hold to the knowledge that God is good and that He is with us, and let us laugh. Let's take some time out of these busy streets, and let us rest and laugh.

Laughing boosts our physical health

Consider the scripture found in Proverbs 17:22, "A merry heart does good like a medicine: but a broken spirit dries the bones." Imagine that the Bible speaks about brokenness, how it dries up the bones, yet a merry heart is good medicine. There are so many people who are sick from the stress and the burdens of this world. So many of us are bolted by the circumstances we travel through, yet a happy and a joyful heart is good medicine. In fact, laughter is the best medicine.

According to past researches, laughter will lower the blood pressure, and release muscle tension. A great health benefit of laughter is that it also boosts the immune system and help to lessen the hormones that cause stress. These many benefits will lead to a better physical health.

Laughter makes us more attractive

I stated earlier that when i'm around people with a gloomy face, I just want to get away. There is no pleasure in being around people who do not laugh. In general, there will be days when we just don't feel like smiling on the outside, but let that perpetual smile keep shining within you. Don't let the bulb of joy go dim, but know you always have a reason to be filled with laughter. Even the mere fact that whatever you are going through can come to an end, and will if you persist long enough, should fill you with hopeful joy.

A smile can brighten a room, and fill a dark day with light. Just one simple smile can turn away periods of wrath, and change the whole atmosphere. Always remember that a smile will make you much more attractive to the people you interact with. At the end of the day, we have to communicate with others in some way or the other, and wearing a perpetual smile both inside and out, will make our experience much more pleasant.

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The Joy of the lord is what keeps us going, and also the source of our strength.

Laughter is an encouragement to go on

One thing I like to do is to look out on the distant sunshine at my window. I am often encouraged by the warmth of the sun's rays, and the glare of joy it emits. There is nothing more beautiful than the beauty I see, when I watch the sunrise at my window pane. I compare the encouraging effect of the sun, to that of a hearty smile. A smile is so therapeutic and filled with so much healing, that it can sustain us in our darkest encounters.

Even in the most lowly state, we can look to the fact that life is our greatest gift. Even though life can seem otherwise, life is a miracle, and it is the gift of God. If you have life, that is enough reason to smile, and to be encouraged. The good old saying goes, where there is life there is hope. The Bible says hope will not disappoint us, which is an even greater and more valid reason to be encouraged. Be encouraged when you smile, and always remember that every time you smile is a signal of hope.

Laughter is a social glue that binds people together

One of the reasons why I love to be around my mother is because of her smile. My mother's smile is so beautiful and calm, that I just like to be in her presence. This is what I mean when I say, "Laughter is a social glue that binds people together." There is nothing more bonding that a mother's smile to her young one. Maybe that's why it is so heavenly to see my wife and daughter smile at each other.

When I shop and receive good and friendly service, I'm much more likely to go back to that store to shop. Similarly, when I meet people who smile, I'm much more likely to want to meet them a second time. Laughter is a great ice breaker, that open up the floor for a good time.


Laughter is one of the social tools that binds, and continues to bind us together. There are numerous benefits of laughter both to our spiritual and our mental health. Because of this, we should be keen to wear a perpetual smile, even in life's most difficult moments. Laughter not only boosts our immune system, but it also help us to cope better in stressful situation. Laughter also gives us the needed rest we need from the business of this life.

It is true that the joy of the Lord is our strength. Let us as a result be encouraged, and continue to endure in the joy of the Lord. Be Blessed!



Hello, I am Orlando Rowe and my passion is to encourage you. I am an author who focuses on Biblical encouragement. You can contact me by filling out the contact form on this website. God bless you!

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