5 Important Life Lessons From the Butterfly

Change for the butterfly is intrinsic and happens naturally whether the butterfly likes it or not. It is God ordained for the butterfly to change, and it is written in the story of its life.

It’s amazing what we can learn by realizing what is around us. Many times we see, but we do not realize the powerful life lessons in the things we see. Take for example the butterfly, that is vastly beautiful, yet we do not always see that there are lessons beyond its beauty. The true beauty of the butterfly is not in the way it looks but in the way it is. Perhaps when God made butterflies, He wanted to teach us something about life, and hope and becoming.

Every butterfly we see today flying around was once a caterpillar that was both not able to fly and not as beautiful. A butterfly will experience one of the most beautiful changes of any insects. A change that is not only more scenic, but also more purposeful. Scenic in the sense that butterflies will transform from a caterpillar that is less appealing to look at, to the butterfly with a much more pleasant appearance.

The butterfly will also become more purposeful because now it’s not only more aesthetically appealing, but it is also much more valuable to the environment. As it wonders around the ecological landscapes, it is a powerhouse of a pollinator, and as it multiplies, it signifies a healthy environ.

The Process

A butterfly will start life from an egg laid that turns into a larvae, that turns into a caterpillar, that will eventually turn into a butterfly. The butterfly starts from what appears to be a humble and a lowly beginning. Imagine if the butterfly gave up halfway because it though it was too lowly and too unattractive. 

The butterfly would never be able to transform into its true form. Many people give up because of what they see on the outside, not knowing about the power of transformation on the inside. The butterfly teaches us the reward of patience.
There is something to gain from enduring the landscapes of hardship from lowly beginnings, because as the butterfly,  the latter will be greater than the former for the person who endures in the path of God.

In the environment, butterflies are indicators of good health. It also acts as a natural pollinator that helps thousands of species of plants to survive. Let us take a deeper look at the butterfly, and explore 5 of the beautiful life lessons it can teach us, that will both add value to our lives and also encourage us to go on.

5 Things We Can Learn About Life By Studying The Beauty Of The Butterfly

1. Butterflies Change
Butterflies Change

Perhaps the most amazing thing about the butterfly is the change that it goes through. A butterfly will transform from an egg, into a larvae, to a caterpillar and ultimately a butterfly. During this process of change, the butterfly will constantly become more valuable and more full of stature.  A caterpillar cannot fly, and it can hardly pollinate. Yet when a caterpillar turns into a butterfly, it becomes a vital part of the ecological balance. It changes from an often destructive force, to one that encourages life. Oh how miraculously marvelous is the change that the butterfly goes through!

Change for the butterfly is intrinsic and happens naturally whether the butterfly likes it or not. It is God ordained for the butterfly to change, and it is written in the story of its life. Yet since we get the opportunity to dictate the written script of our lives, change for us is a decision we make, and we can either foster change or prevent it.

Learn from the butterfly

Take a look at the butterfly and I implore you to learn about change. Change is inevitable whether we believe it or foster it. I often say you can either change for the better or change for the bitter. Be confident as you walk along the eternal pathway, and believe in change, desire change, and welcome positive change. A change that will make you more aligned into the stature of the fullness of the Great I Am. You can change if you believe in it long enough, and labour for it all night long. I can assure you that if you endure in the night, your joy will rise as the morning sun. I pray God will empower you, as you walk along the path that leads you to Him, Amen!

2. The Latter Will Be Greater Than The Former

Maybe this is what is most significant about the change the butterfly undergoes. This is what I term ‘God ordained change’. The Bible says that “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. But Christ came that they may have life and have it abundantly – John 10:10”

Change for the butterfly is for the better and not for the bitter. As the caterpillar transforms into the butterfly, its former years fade away, and what the butterfly bacomes, is far more beautiful.

Consider the journey of the child of God. It is true that we are all children of God. Yet some of us stray, and some stay. But, consider how horrendous our journey can become. Some people travel with the worlds on their head, yet we must believe in and welcome change. I know a man who lost his son to a gunman; his only son, his precious son. Consider the turmoil in his soul. Consider his heavy heart and his bitter tears. Yet my brother must believe in change and welcome it. As insurmountable as this obstacle is, he must let it go as the butterfly lets go, and he must welcome the beauty of the latter years. If we believe it, we will have change from the hands of God. I pray for your change, and that you will abide all the night long.

3. Shedding the Old to welcome the new

One of the most rewarding thing we can do, is letting-go-of-yesterday . Consider the butterfly, how it sheds its old skin and its old life, to live a life with much more possibilities and much more power. As the butterfly changes, it must adapt to a new lifestyle, a new habitat, and a new perspective. Now the butterfly sees from a heavenly view rather than an earthly one. The butterfly is now much more life giving, and also much more glorious to look at.

For us, each season of chance that we go through, is a season of new birth. As we shed the baggage of yesterday, it is to make us better, and to enable positive change. In our dying, it’s not that we’ll ever die, but we will live and be empowered through live giving change. I pray God will bless you, and encourage you, as that you walk along the road of Life, as you change.

4. There is power in solitude

When the caterpillar is ready to change into the butterfly, it will stop feeding and retire into temporary solitude. The caterpillar will now transform into a larva that’ll stops feeding, hangs upside down from a twig or leaf, and then either spins itself a silky cocoon or molts into a shiny chrysalis. During this process, the larvae will self destruct, and the old skin will be destroyed, to welcome the butterfly.

At this point, we cannot see what is going on on the inside, but there is new life being stirred up through patience. Though this is a time of solitude for the butterfly, it is a process that must happen for the butterfly to happen. The present solitude is a prerequisite, to give birth to the full form of the butterfly.

Consider our own live, as we walk into the expanse of our own unknowns. We often do not understand what is going on, maybe because it seems the lights have been turned off. Yet what is happening is new life is being made and new power discovered. One scripture says ” Very truly I tell you, unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds.” Here Jesus was saying to His disciples that unless a seed dies,  it cannot multiply and add more life.

I pray that you will learn from the butterfly, a creature made by the wisdom of God. The butterfly endure through the solitude it goes through, and I pray we will also endure. The butterfly also discovers newness in the belly of the dark larva, which for us may be dark pain. Yet in the end we see what happens to the butterfly, which can also happen to us, if we endure in the solitudes of our own despairs, and welcome change.

5. Life will often give us beauty for ashes

For sure, what the butterfly gets is beauty for its ashes. When a caterpillar is at the point where it will transform into a butterfly, it will literally cease all activities and will start to self destruct in order to give way for the process of change. The caterpillar will go dormant and all its old organs will disintegrate and decay. I compare this to turning into ashes because now it becomes ; formless as ashes.

What happens next is mind blowing. As the caterpillar decay, the butterfly emerges. From what appeared to be decay, comes new life. What was also once formless is not a beautiful work of art. Consider how hopeless some situations may seem. Maybe you are facing one of them, but as God gives the butterfly beauty for ashes, He is able to give you the same. In fact it is promised in scripture that God will give us beauty for ashes . Never forget that change it possible, and is also inevitable. Let us look at the life of the butterfly, and let us observe the wonderful work of God.


The butterfly is a very unique work of God that has many life lessons to teach us. The butterfly teaches us about the power of change, patience, and endurance. We learn from the butterfly that change is possible. We also learn that change can make us beautiful. The butterfly also encourages us to be hopeful, even when the situation doesn’t permit us to.

Even in the most discouraging times, God wants to lead us into flourishing times. As the butterfly, we must endure our process of change, and we must allow change to happen. I pray you will be steadfast, strong, vigilant and brave. May God bless you, and whatever you do, just keep going and never give up.

Orlando C. Rowe

Orlando C. Rowe

Hello, I am Orlando Rowe and my passion is to encourage you. I am an author who focuses on Biblical encouragement. You can contact me by filling out the contact form on this website. God bless you!

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