You Have The Power to Rise Again, Just as the sun rises each day

You have the 'Power to Rise Again'. The next time you feel like you have been overridden by your circumstances, remember that as the sun rises each morning, again and again, you also have the power to rise again, and again. The truth about you is that you can elevate above all of your troubles, not because of your own ability, but because of your innate capacity to rise. Whether you believe it, accept it, or not, you cannot change the truth about who you are. The real truth about you, is that you were created in the image of God, and you have the resurrection power to rise up from any dead place.

Maybe you are going through a dead place, and the dessert of life seeks to suppress you. Be encouraged! You should ever keep courage and you should never lose hope. As you become thirsty for the water of encouragement to quench the heat of your day, remember that you are stronger than the strongest challenge, and that even when it seems you are down and out, you can reboot your engine, and fly again. There is a Mexican proverb that says, "They tried to bury me, but they didn't know I was a seed." For us, we are more like seeds because as seeds, when we go into the darkest places, it gives up the greatest opportunity to germinate and to rise.

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Consider the difficult times we often go through, and ponder on the brokenness we may experience in these moments. Know that in these increasingly  horrendous events, our power is there to rediscover, because our power was always there. A sleeping lion is still a lion, no matter how long it sleeps. Similarly, the sleeping power within us doesn't change the fact and the presence of that power. It is our choice whether or not we want to be a sleeping lion, or one awake in its power.

God is the basis of our Power

To put it simply, "God is the source of our power." The foundation of who we are, and the pinnacle on which we are being built is the Great and only God. The truth is that we can never lose our power if we never lose our God. This is because God (the source of our power) is always with us. Isn't it sweet Gospel then, that God who promised to be with us, is the source of our power?

The scripture says;

Deuteronomy 31:6

Be strong and courageous. Do not fear or be in dread of them, for it is the Lord your God who goes with you. He will not leave you or forsake you.
The truth is that we can deny our own strength, but we can never duly deny the strength and the power of the Almighty God. As we pass through the desserts of this new age, let us be adamant, and let us not be enticed by weakness. At times we may become deprived of strength, but there is no time that our weakness won't be met by the strength of our God. This puts us in an ever rising position, one that exemplifie the resurrecting power of God.

Strength is Ours to discover

I live in Ontario, and one of the common slogans we often use is 'Ontario, Yours to discover'. Ontario is always there, but it is for you to discover. This means that your lack of discovery wont take away the presence of Ontario. Think of our strength in the same way, that it is always there, but for us to discover. In the same way, our lack of discovering our strength doesn't take it away from us. We always have possession of our divine strength, whether we use it, believe it, or not.

You never know how strong you are, until being strong is the only option you have.

The truth is that we are much more powerful than we even have the capacity to imagine. Power is not our choice, power is our birthright. Most often we gladly accept the earthly traits we inherit, but it sometimes take a little more effort to accept the spiritual inheritance of our heavenly Father. We have the power to rise because we have the resurrection power inherited on the inside of us. We must know this truth, because only the truth can set us free.

Power is not merely our choice, power is our birthright.

Be Empowered to go on

One thing about writing is that I hardly get to see who actually reads what I write, yet I implore whoever is reading this message, to be empowered and go on! It is quite uncertain what might happen to us in this life, because even the best and the strongest people we know will face unimaginable circumstances. The amazing thing about us is that we are like little seeds that germinate in the darkness of the earth. It really doesn't matter how difficult our pathways may become, we have the constant power of God to rise again.

As a people, our troubles are often as diverse as our faces. In an overly broken and diabolically stained world, people face steep perils. Maybe you are walking through the valley of death, but do not fear because the Lord has your back. You might also be submerged in the sea of bewilderment, yet I encourage you to discover your power, and rise. Don't ever forget that it is not in your own strength that you endure, but it is through the great strength and the grace of our God, that we travel from victory to victory and from glory to glory.

As we conclude

Maybe a good activity to do is to sit and meditate on the scripture that says "My help cometh from the Lord -Psalm 121:2." It is true that we can become weary, as even the young men do, yet if we wait and depend on our GOD, we will never be disappointed. As you go, be reminded of your constant strength, and rise. God bless you!



Hello, I am Orlando Rowe and my passion is to encourage you. I am an author who focuses on Biblical encouragement. You can contact me by filling out the contact form on this website. God bless you!

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