Coping With Rejection: How To Move On When Turned Down

Rejection is not the end. It's ok to be turned down, but it's not ok to be turned down and stay down.
Coping With Rejection

No One wants to be rejected, yet we will all be turned down at some point in our lives. When this happens we learn the art of coping with rejection. Whether it’s from a broken relationship or a job interview, rejection can often try to uproot our self esteem. Yet we must understand that it’s ok to be rejected. In fact a rejection can open the door to a new beginning.

I have been rejected many times. After leaving college back in the days I remember going for a job interview. It was for a teaching position at a local high school. I was very confident going into that interview because I knew someone on the interview panel. What made me more confident was that It was only two of us that were being interviewed. I presented myself well, spoke well but after all of this I was turned down. The reason was that the other person was more qualified.

I was very disappointed to say the least. While walking back to the bus stop there was tears in my eyes. As I walked I remember hearing a song playing in the distant that said; “Before the day is over, before the night is through, God will come through for you.” As I heard these words a still voice spoke to me and said “It will be ok.” 

Shortly after that I got a call for a job offer. This offer was for my dream job. I smiled. And I discovered that a rejection can lead to a new beginning.

It's Ok to be rejected

The major lesson I learned from this encounter was that It is ok to be rejected. In fact rejection can often lead to the greatest blessings in our lives. The job I later got was the reason I went to college in the first place. It was for a position as an Agricultural Extension Officer and by heart that was who I was. 

Maybe you have been rejected or the fear of rejection is preventing you from making decisions you always wanted to make. Don’t be afraid. You can try to escape it with all your heart, yet sometimes our rejections are necessary to help us get rid of our fear of rejection. 

It is often when we face our enemies that we learn how to defeat them. As a result you must do what you do in confidence unto God knowing that God Will direct your path. There is a saying that says “When One Door Is Closed Another One Is Opened.” As we walk with God He is the one that opens and closes our doors. God knows the doors we should stay away from and the ones we should go through. When we walk with Him and trust Him, He will direct our path.

Many times the people that reject us are people we should stay away from in the first place. We have no idea what God is saving us from, but we should know that God our Father is always working in our best interest. He is working things out for our good even when we cannot see it.

It's All In How We View Our Outcomes

As I started my new career I thanked God I was rejected. This rejection opened up the door for a new opportunity so wonderful that it was necessary. I was settling for less but God gave me more. What I learned was that it is important to view our rejections through eyes of faith. We can view disappointments as bad luck or as God moments. 

Maybe you are scared to be rejected. Yet when you change your perspective on rejection your fear will turn into faith. Be opened to the leading of God and know that He will lead you beside still waters. You can always change your perspective. The same situation that you view as rejection can also be viewed as a blessing. 

A rejection Can Help You To Get Better

Maybe you are rejected because you are just not qualified. What next? Is this the end of the world for you? Most definitely not. A rejection might be a sign you need to go back to the drawing table. Sometimes rejections give us the opportunity to get better and stronger than before. Whatever causes us to get better and stronger is good for us. 

Maybe you have been turned down and you are wondering what to do or where to turn. First understand that it’s ok to be rejected, and then consider the reason for that rejection. What if you have been rejected from something that is really necessary for your life. Do you give up, or do you continue to try and try again.

Michael Jordan didn’t give up. He was cut from his high school basketball team because according to his coach he wasn’t good enough. Yet Michael went on to be one of the most decorated basketballers of all time. He didn’t give up when he was rejected. But he continued to practice and become better.

We too can move on from our rejections to be all that God created us to be. The key thing is to keep getting better and to never give up. One day the perfect opportunity will find us when we are even more prepared.

10 Rejection Quotes To Help Us Move Forward

1. "Rejection is not a reflection of your own worth but a reflection of other people's expectations." - Unknown

2. "Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice."

3. "Rejection is merely a redirection; a course correction to your destiny."

4. "Every rejection is a gift. A chance to learn and to grow. Don't waste it."

5. "Rejection is an opportunity for your selection." - Bernard Branson

6. "Rejection is nothing more than a necessary step in the pursuit of success." - Bo Bennett

7. "Your value doesn't decrease based on someone's inability to see your worth." - Unknown

8. "The more rejection you get, the better you are, the more you’ve learned, the closer you are to your outcome."

9. "Rejection is God's way of saying 'wrong direction.'"

12. "Rejection is the sand in the oyster, the irritant that ultimately produces the pearl."


It is inevitable that we will be rejected at some point in our lives. In these times we must know that it is not the end. It is just an opportunity to either get better or to move on. But we must never give up.

By faith we must trust the process, knowing that God goes before us and He will help us to go through the right doors. Our job is to walk by faith knowing that a turn down is not a write off. It is true that rejections often lead to new beginnings with new opportunities. Be Blessed.


Orlando C. Rowe

Orlando C. Rowe

Hello, I am Orlando Rowe and my passion is to encourage you. I am an author who focuses on Biblical encouragement. You can contact me by filling out the contact form on this website. God bless you!

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