Nail Prints: A Poem Of Hope For A Wounded Life

When our wounds are deep His love is deeper. And when our hills are steep God grace is steeper.
Nail Prints In My Hand

Some wounds pierce us deeply, like the incision of a nail. I was meditating lately and I contemplated on the idea that the wounds that cut up deepest are the ones we cannot see. When our physical bodies are wounded we can begin the process and healing and restoration because we not only will see the wound but we can also tend to it. But imagine being pierced in your soul. I believe the wounds that hurt the most are ones we cannot see.

Yet the Bible tells us of God caring for our wounds. It says that He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds. It also says that God won’t despise a broken and a contrite heart. In our woundedness the hope that we have is God. As our hearts hurt it is important for us to know this truth. This is mainly because of the complexity of a broken place. 

We often see people acting out of place and we judge them without having knowledge of their scars. Yet some scars are so deep that they cause us to do some crazy stuff. Not that it is an excuse to do these things but reality is reality. We’ll also see people smiling their face off yet behind these smiles there might be the most merciless wounds. These wounds cut so hard that they force us to wear a smile as a cover up. Smiles can act like bandages to these wounds. 

There is a balm in Gilead

Is there no balm in Gilead? Is there no physician there? Why then is there no healing for the wound of my people?

We can hope in the reality that there is a balm in Gilead and there is also a Physician there. When our wounds are deep His love is deeper. And when our hills are steep God grace is steeper. As the Apostle Paul cried for strength God replied “My grace is sufficient for you.” It is true that His grace is sufficient for you. Won’t you trust Him.

The following poem was written in the vicinity of a broken place. At that time I had nail prints in my heart. You may be in a similar position but I have good news for you. Not only good, but it’s healing news that there is a balm in gilead where our Lord is the physician. We can count on Him because He will never fail the one who trusts Him. Let’s have a look.

Nail Prints

I’ve got nail prints, nail prints in my heart,

Imprints of pains have torn me apart.

Yet I know you tend nail prints too,  

Lord when I am wounded, I trust in You.


Stain prints, I’ve got stain print in me,

Scars that devour like the windy sea.

But I know you erase stain prints too,

Lord when I am wounded, I trust in You.


There is evidence I’ve been pierced quite deep,

Yet my soul You’ll forever, and ever You’ll keep!

There is a river flowing from my lids, you see,

I’ve got nail prints in me, nails inside of me.


Yet there is a balm in Gilead, a Physician there,

When wounds are deep His love is near.

And when nail prints pierce, He’s close,

When storms are raging He loves us most.


Nail prints, He’s got nails in His hands,

And this is why He understands!

Nails prints, have you got nail prints too,

When nail prints hurt, the Lord will carry you.


written By : Orlando C. Rowe

As We Conclude

My most sincere encouragement is to implore you to trust God. He’ll never fail you when you truly trust Him. Remember that when wounds are deep God’s love is deeper, and when hills are steep, His grace grows steeper. 

God Bless You.

Orlando C. Rowe

Orlando C. Rowe

Hello, I am Orlando Rowe and my passion is to encourage you. I am an author who focuses on Biblical encouragement. You can contact me by filling out the contact form on this website. God bless you!

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