Building Blocks: The Broken Pieces Of A Beautiful Life

Building Blocks The Broken Pieces Of A Beautiful Life

God uses our broken pieces as His building blocks. He will use the most broken pieces to build beautiful lives. That’s why I write in my book “Broken: Yet Destined To Be Healed” that brokenness can be beautiful. This is because beauty is often built from brokenness. We get the most beautiful cars from the most staining dirts and the most beautiful roses from the deadness of a seed. 

Consider how God can turn our defeats into victories and our setbacks into comebacks. It doesn’t matter where we find ourselves, God can resuscitate us with His love.

Often we are crucified by the issues of life. We might reach some places we feel it is impossible to return from. Yet as we walk with God He will often give us beauty for our ashes. God specializes in working miracles in the most difficult situation. This is good news for all of us amidst the difficult moments we often experience.

Seasons Are Building Blocks

One of my favourite quotes go like this “Seasons Are Like Spices That Add Value To Our Lives.” Yes it is true that as we walk with God our experiences will add flavour to our journey. They make life more exciting, all the adventures in the seasons we tarry through. These seasons come together to form the masterpiece of God. You are a masterpiece of God. And to believe it is to receive it. You must first believe who you are and then you will be it.

Solomon said “There is a season for everything.” What ever you are going through is just a season with a special recipe for you. God knows what to use to bring out the best in us. One time I went through a turning point in my life. At that time I realized that my heart was to empower others. However I didn’t have much to give because I lacked the experience of the seasons of life. I prayed to God to empower me to empower others. I didn’t realize the seriousness of what I asked for, yet God was faithful in answering me. 

Be careful what you ask for because you just might get it

As we trust Him, God uses our broken pieces as His building blocks. This is especially true when our prayers align to His will. As we pray we should know that there is a God listening to us and who is faithful to also give us the desires of our hearts.

In hindsight I can identify that from the moment I prayed life has brought me through many seasons. I have been stripped of myself through some things I have gone through. Yet these things have all been necessary building blocks in getting me to where I am today. 

Today I have written two books and hundreds of blogs. I am also the co-host of The Healing Time Podcast which is a podcast to help broken people heal. People from all over the world have commented on my blogs saying how much they have been blessed. For sure this is not to boast but to tell you that seasons add spices to our lives. The truth is that if I knew what I had to go through to come to this point I most likely wouldn’t have prayed that prayer from the first place. 

Maybe you are going through your own seasons. And these seasons might be crucifying you daily. Be encouraged. These seasons are necessary building blocks to get you to the place God is bringing you. Consider that a man who lacks experience hardly has anything to offer to the world. There is a scripture that says “And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.” It is our experiences that will give us our testimonies and our testimonies will empower us to overcome the evil one and to also help others do the same. How precious are the seasons that give us our testimonies. 

God Is A Master Architect

Building anything will require some amount of skill and experience. A carpenter will require the skill of laying blocks, the car maker will require skills in assembly and the writer will have to be skilled with his words. 

In the same way a successful life requires an intelligent architect to build it beautifully. Consider that no one else is qualified to build lives than God Himself. This is because God is the One with all the experience and expertise. 

Also consider that humans can’t even build their own lives needless build the lives of others. Building lives require a skilled builder of life who understands it in its depths. God is that builder. One attribute of God is His omniscience, which allows Him to know all things. He knows how to mine gold from us in the most technical ways.   

The Bible says that He is before all things and in Him all things hold together. Because of this only God is able to build beautiful lives.

Give Your Broken Pieces To God

You must be fully convinced that God uses our broken pieces as His building blocks .The fact that God is so skilled a builder means that we can trust Him. People often delegate their work to trusted individuals. These trusted individuals often have to prove themselves trustworthy. Trustworthiness comes as a result of past work. Consider the past work of God. You and I are His special pieces. He also made the heavens and the earth and all that dwell in them. All that we see today were made by Him. He has also never lost a battle or succumb to a war. His track record is 100 percent success. Doesn’t this seem like someone you can trust with your own building?

The amazing truth is that we can submit our broken pieces to God for Him to use them as His building blocks. He is very faithful towards us as we submit to Him and trust Him. The Bible says that if we are faithless He remains faithful because He cannot deny Himself. This means that God’s trustworthiness solely depends on Him and has nothing to do with us. We can sacrifice our brokenness to God knowing that He is close to our brokenness and He won’t turn us away. 

Congratulations to never giving up

Congratulations on never giving up. You have held on to victory and overcame by the blood of the Lamb. The fact that you have come this far means that you have held on. The enemy would have snatched you long ago if you never held on.

Keep Keeping On! You might feel that you have been overcome by the issues of life but the fact that you are still present, and going, means there is something to celebrate. You must celebrate the small steps you make in the right direction and the small victories you experience. It is these small steps and little victories that are the building blocks of your life.

As you go you should know that God knows how to connect broken pieces. God will use our ashes and make beauty. He uses the foolish things to confound the wise in the same way He washes dirty things and make them clean. He turns messes into messages and anoints the weak with strength. Imagine what God will also do to you as you walk with Him and trust Him.

The fact that you have come this far is enough reason to keep going. You have come too far to give up now. You’ve had enough in you to get to this point and you have what it takes to keep going. Know that your broken pieces will all come together to make someone you are proud of.

Set Backs Can Be Comebacks

As you hold on God will turn your setbacks into comebacks. You can make this possible by the employment of your faith. Faith is your perfect response to the setbacks you will experience. With faith you can turn every setback into a comeback in which you are much more powerful than before. You might be setback so far that you cannot see a possible comeback. Yet as you put your trust in God, He will make the impossible possible. He’ll work a miracle out of you regardless of the depths you find yourself in.

Lazarus was dead for four days yet we see His comeback. Lazarus had no power in his deadness yet Jesus Christ of Nazareth had all power to raise him from the dead. Christ wants to also raise you from your own deadness. He has power over life and death by the power of His word. The good news is that He is our comeback in our setbacks. Won’t you trust Him.

Final Thoughts

We can be assured that God uses our broken pieces as His building blocks. Regardless of how impossible our situations might seem, Jesus Christ has power over all things, even the impossible. This means that you can trust Him as you walk with Him. As you do this you will live to see Him connecting your broken pieces to make His masterpiece.

Don’t give up.

Orlando C. Rowe

Orlando C. Rowe

Hello, I am Orlando Rowe and my passion is to encourage you. I am an author who focuses on Biblical encouragement. You can contact me by filling out the contact form on this website. God bless you!

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