A Spiritual Reality: Setting Free And Sailing On

Life Is Spiritual. Every aspect of our life is a product of things we do not see. Knowing this will aid us in setting free and sailing on

As time absorbs us, we must be assured of the spiritual reality around us wanting to set us free like the wind. In order to be set free, we must know that freedom is a reality and is available to us. God did not create us to live in bondage but to live a life of glory and grace. A life so free that it chooses to follow Him.

What is reality? We often hear about virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality, but what is true reality? When we answer this question we will be able to understand life for what it is and be who we really are. The only way we can truly be is by understanding what truly is. What is truth? and what is true? Is there truth, or is it a matter of personal perceptions?

All these questions are ones that have resonated throughout the years and have been topics in major discussions. Why are these questions important anyways? Can’t we just live based on what we see, feel and believe? 

In this blog we’ll discuss spiritual reality from a Biblical perspective and discuss how we can set free and sail on. We will seek to understand reality from God’s point of view. Understanding like God is very important because in order to please God we must understand about Him. We might not be able to fully understand God, but we must understand enough in order to be like Him.freely and truly follow Him.

Is There Truth?

And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

As we consider the idea of setting free we should know that only the truth can set us free. A lie is like a darkness or a prison. On the other side truth is pure and is right. It is a clear glass that we can see right through without any hindrance. This is the clear glass that will set us free to sail on. Truth is a spiritual reality that cannot be denied or replaced. 

Have you ever considered what is truth? In order for us to understand reality then we must first know what is true. This is because reality is truth, which is basically the way things are. In John 14:6 while Jesus was speaking to His disciple Thomas, He said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.” Here Jesus was explaining to Thomas that the way to the God the Father is through Him (the Son). 

We can come up with all sorts of creative realities to suit ourselves but the absolute truth is that the way to God the Father is through Jesus Christ the Son. This is the greatest truth ever told.

We can also look at ourselves to discover that there has to be truth. Consider that it is true that you exist and that you are a living being. It is also true that you had an entrance into this world even though you most likely don’t remember. There is no way around this truth even if you try to deceive yourself. Also, the truth is that there is such a phenomena as the wind. We cannot see it, we cannot touch it, yet we also can’t deny that it exists. There are many other truths that we can identify to prove the fact that truth exists.

We must understand that our lack of understanding doesn’t take away the truth. Our limitations do no limit the truth, they only limit us.

The Spiritual Reality Is That We Are Spirit Beings

Our Spiritual Reality is that we are spirit beings. When God made man in His own image, this image had to be spiritual. This is because God is Spirit and so God’s image also has to be spirit. 

Even though we possess a physical body but we are much more than our bodies? Human bodies are merely houses that our spirits live in. 

The Bible says;

And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.
This scripture found in Genesis 2:7 tells us that after God formed man with physical earth He breathe into him and he became a living soul. This breath of God is the spirit that God poured into man to give him life.

There are many different beliefs about the human being. Some people believe that humans are like animals, who die and do not exist any more. Others believe that there is life after death. Some people believe that when we die we will incarnate as different creatures, while others believe that when we die we will go to be with the Father who we came from. Yet, what is the truth about who we are?

Man Demands A Creator

Amidst all the variations in views, our existence demands a Creator. Everything that exist came from something and humans are no exceptions. There is a truth about how we came about to exist.

As humans we have the capacity to reason rationally. We can think about things and make sense out of them. If we reason within ourselves and look at all the evidence we can conclude that humans are much more superior to animals. We can also deduce that there has to be a Higher being in order to create Humans. Nothing cannot exist just like that, everything has a beginning (including humans.) If we can accept that we were created then our Creator must be of great interest. This Creator holds the key to our understanding of life and truth. 

We Have The Capacity To Be Who We Were Created To Be

Our Spiritual Reality is that we have what it takes to do the good works of God. It is up to us what we do with this droplet of truth but knowing it will set us free. We have the power and the authority to be all that God created us to be. The first step is to know this power we have and also to know what we were created to do. 

The Bible says that we were created to complete the good works of God.

For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them – Ephesians 2:10

Consider the great architect of all has created you and I to do good things. As Christians, our good should always be God’s good. If it is from the Word of God then it is good. Look all around you and consider that most things you see are created for a specific purpose. When a man or a company makes something is is most often for a specific reason why this thing was conceived. When God made the plants He told us in Genesis that they are for our food. The car was created to transport humans, electricity to provide energy and a spoon to eat. How much more has God created us to complete His specific good works.

What Is The Good Work Of God

In order to complete the good work of God then we must know what this good work is. To answer this question we can look to the Word of God for answers. Or we can look at Jesus Christ as an example and follow Him. The Bible says the the whole commandment is summed up in one thing “We must love God and love our neighbours as ourselves.” When we fulfill this commandment to love then we would be doing the good work of God.

In our personal lives we must ensure that whatever we do exemplify the Love of God. As we commune with one another we should do so in love and respect. We must speak with kindness and gentleness and empower each other with healing Words. We must also use our talents for the greater good. If you are a cook, cook with love unto God, and if you are a teacher teacher with mercy and grace. 

I love to write and when I do my desire is that it might help someone to be and do better. This is why I have written and will always continue to write. May you practice love by doing the good works of God, whatever they may be.

A Spiritual Reality Of Hope

We can find hope in the most difficult situations. The truth is that hope is our reality. Each breath that we take is a breath of hope. It is a signal that we have life and life is hope. As we contemplate on the reality of our freedom,  we must know the fuel that will keep us going. Hope is a fuel that energizes us with spiritual stamina. We must never be afraid to hope because our spiritual reality is a Living Hope. We can hope in the fact that we have a Living Hope that can never fail us. When we hope in this hope then we can be assured that we will never be disappointed.

You might be challenging the challenge head on, yet you feel you are being defeated. Keep hoping. You situation might be clinging to you like pricks on wounds, but keep keeping on no matter what. You have the power and the grace to endure to the very end. Hold to your living hope and never give up.

As you hold you must know that holding is a matter of doing the right thing. We must follow His words and do His good works. We might falter along the way but we must get up recoup and keep on. May God grant you grace and strength to endure.

Concluding Thoughts

We have learnt that there are many different perspectives from which we can view reality yet ultimate reality is spiritual. The real thing that is going on around us is a spiritual thing that we cannot see with the physical eye. But we must know about the reality in order to be free to be what God created us to be. 

We have also learnt that we were created to do the good works of God. True freedom lies in doing this good work which is to love one another. When we do this we can be sure that the blessing of the Lord will follow us wherever we go.

May you be strong and keep keeping on. Be blessed.

Orlando C. Rowe

Orlando C. Rowe

Hello, I am Orlando Rowe and my passion is to encourage you. I am an author who focuses on Biblical encouragement. You can contact me by filling out the contact form on this website. God bless you!

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