About Encourageme

We Specialize In Helping Broken Hearts Heal

Our main focus is helping broken hearts heal. We believe that most of the world’s problems are cause by broken individuals. There are many things that can break us but there is just one Healer. We want to connect you to this Healer through Biblical resources.

Be encouraged. Always remember that it is the hard seasons that bring the most out of us. It is the plan of God for you to be victorious over all of the trials you will ever go through.

There Is Hope In Christ For Broken Hearts

We live in a world where people are deeply hurting. Brokenness is an everyday reality and depression is the resulting disease. Look all around you at the ripe harvest yearning for someone to bring the Word to the field. We believe that this Word is the water of encouragement. 

Jesus said “the harvest is plenty but the labourers are few,” and so as we labour we want to encourage you to be a labourer too. Our aim is to bring the Bible in the form of encouragement to a world in need.

Our hope is that we can create a safe and supportive space that provides daily encouragement. We want to help build a community of encouraged individuals who will make disciples of others through the Word of encouragement.

If a community comes together Love there is hardly anything they cannot achieve. It is always better when we grow together. This is because together we stand, but divided we will fall.

We share a Biblical Perspective.

We believe in a Biblical outlook, wholly and fully, and thus the content we share are from a purely Biblical perspective.

We often experience the perils of life, when our pillows catch our tears, yet having a place to find answers can overcome both these realities. We want to encourage you with the right perspective. As you walk with God, every little thing will be alright. Keep your hope!

How You Can Help Us

EncourageMe.ca would love to have a community of individuals empowering one another. We believe in a Biblical concept of Love, and that is what we intend to preach. You can help us by becoming one of us. To become one of us is simply to become an encourager too. Read up how to become an encourager here. When you join us, then you can help us to help others, and those others can help others too.

Write For Us

As a community effort project, we are in need of people to help us to deliver empowering content. Since writing is one of our major focus, if you are a writer who shares a Biblical perspective, why not write for us. Learn more here.

Contact Us

Please contact us here and we will get back to you at the closest convenience.

Don’t be discouraged. Remember that life is a beautiful gift of God. As you go, be steadfast in hope and continue to trust in the Lord. God Bless You!

Our founder – Orlando.